Active Girlfriend’s Guide to Lunch- Soup’s On!

Top Tips for a Happy, Balanced Day

Last week, my friend Julie and I spent lunch at our partner Campbell’s World Headquarters, chatting about how the small choices we make help us win the day. With so much on our plates, from work to kids to activities, it’s a challenge to consistently make good food choices, especially for lunch.

We aren’t nutritionists or dietitians, just real women trying to navigate the food pitfalls of our modern busy lives. We found these small changes have created positive results in our lives and can benefit you too.

Whether you’re trying to find great choices for lunch on-the-go, feed your picky eaters at home or just fit into your favorite jeans, here are our no- fail tips.

  • Wake up and get dressed in your work out gear. For me this is a must if I’m going to work out. And that means putting on your trainers too. For Julie- she sleeps in her gear- and that makes her workout as soon as she wakes up.
  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. It’s important to kick- start your day with a glass of water to get hydrated.
  • Stock your pantry and fridge for success. Aim to incorporate whole ingredients with nutritional and functional benefits like quinoa, wild rice, and beans into your meals.
  • Increased activities and exercise require increased protein in the diet. Well Yes! soups have 6 varieties that are a good source of protein.  Keeping these in the house, my fave being the Roasted Chicken with Wild Rice having 15 grams of protein per can, prevents me from ordering take out when I need a meal on the fly.
  • Prep as you unpack groceries. Cut peppers into strips, peel carrots and dice onions and place into zip top bags for easy access when prepping meals.
  • Travel with water bottles to stay hydrated and avoid choosing sugary drinks or too much caffeine.
  • Pack an insulated container of Well Yes! soup for an easy, on-the-go lunch option you can keep in your purse, in your car or at your desk.
  • Feed picky eaters balanced meals by introducing comfort foods with added benefits. Soups like chicken noodle or chicken and rice are flavors picky eaters usually like. The Well Yes! versions include added ingredients like white beans or wild rice, making it easy for picky eaters to try new ingredients.
    • Vegan or vegetarian eaters can get both protein and fiber from Well Yes! options like the Cajun Red Bean and Vegetable.

Can you tell we love soup?? For more info head to

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There’s No Wrong Way to Holiday & The Perfect Holiday Cocktail Recipe

Even for an “Entertaining Expert”, the holidays can get a little daunting. This year I took a cue from my friends at DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse and decided to celebrate the idea that there is no wrong way to holiday. Whether you go glam, keep it homey, or do a little of both the holidays can and should be fun, festive and little magical too. To help ease any entertaining worries here are My Top 5 Holiday Entertaining Tips and the perfect drink- The Ruby Slipper Recipe- for you to clink all holiday season.

  1. Don’t over think the drinks! Prepare one signature cocktail in a big batch, have red and white wine, and one beer offering. Set out your glassware on your bar area, bar cart or simply on a tray. Have some accessories like sprigs of fresh herbs, frozen cranberries and pomegranate seeds so guests can easily dress up their drinks. Remember holidays are the ideal time to break out your pretty pitchers and punch bowls.
  2. Don’t forget the teetotalers. Always keep an assortment of sparkling and still water on the bar for designated drivers, expecting friends and teetotalers. Put out small bowls of sliced lemons and limes for them add in.
  3. Ambiance is easy. Make sure the music is on and even lighting one or two candles creates a good vibe. Avoid over scented candles and choose music appropriate for your party. To keep it lively, bring the outdoors in with simple fresh cut flowers and branches for fun additions to your tabletops.
  4. Cook Ahead! Anything you can make in advance- do! Guests come hungry so be ready with an appetizer. Go for bites that can be served at room temperature. Easy elegant appetizers can be made with just 3 or 4 ingredients or simply put out a selection of store- bought antipasto.
  5. First Impressions Last. Decide what you’ll wear way ahead of time. This may seem vain but last minute preparation often leaves little time for the host to get themselves ready. If you pick something a couple of nights ahead of time it alleviates stress and ensures you look and feel good when your guests arrive.

Ruby Slipper Cocktail Recipe

Maureen Petrosky

For one:

1 ounce Campari

1 ounce sweet vermouth

1 ounce Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye

1 orange wedge

Red rimming sugar

Pomegranate seeds

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice combine the Campari, sweet vermouth and Rye.  Stir until well- chilled.

Use an orange wedge to rub around the rim of your glass.

Lightly dip the glass into the red sugar to coat evenly. Strain the chilled cocktail into the glass. Add a few pomegranate seeds for garnish.

For a Crowd:

1 ½  cups Campari

1 ½  cups sweet vermouth

1 ½  cups Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye

Orange wedges

Red rimming sugar

Pomegranate seeds

In a large pitcher combine the Campari, sweet vermouth and Rye whiskey. Refrigerate overnight or until well- chilled. If you do not have time to chill serve on the rocks.

Use the orange wedge, juicy side towards the glass, to press around the rim of the glass.

Lightly dip the glass into the red sugar to coat evenly. Strain the chilled cocktail into the glass. Add a few pomegranate seeds for garnish.

Makes 12 drinks

This post was created in partnership with DSW. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of DSW.

(Photo Credit Stacy Wickham)


Jack Rose Cocktail

The Jack Rose cocktail gets its name from a play on the word Applejack brandy and the lovely rose colored hue of the sip. Applejack brandy is an all-American spirit dating back to the Pilgrims, and in colonial circles was the in-crowd’s drink of choice. One of the best Applejacks comes from the garden state of New Jersey’s Laird & Company, known for jamming twenty pounds of apples into each bottle.

For the full recipe, visit

TODAY Show: Fun eclipse party ideas

It’s only three days until the solar eclipse, but that’s enough time to get some fun ideas for an eclipse party with the TODAY Show, including serving moon pies and star-shaped crispy rice treats; using Oreos to show the phases of the moon, and making galaxy-inspired shirts with glow-in-the-dark paint. Plus: An eclipse quiz!

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