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Maybe you're use to putting it on burgers or dipping fries in it, but it's been proven to clean metal quite well, too.

Ketchup’s the Condiment Your Jewelry’s Missing

It usually comes in a bottle, it’s found on most restaurant tables, and it can clean your jewelry too. That right it’s ketchup. It’s scary and fascinating, but according to Frosted Willow, a wildly successful Etsy jeweler, this sugary tomato sauce can brighten up rusted and oxidized metal accessories.

Frosted Willow brass jewelry on Etsy.
Frosted Willow’s chic brass jewelry on Etsy.

The acid in ketchup quickly cleans brass and removes dark spots that form over time. A simple paper towel wipe-off and some water will get rid of excess sauce and keep the metals shiny as ever before.

Ketchup is not just a fad cleaner. For years now, ketchup is a featured cleaning tool on sites from Mother Nature Network, a blog for the organic lover, to Bob Vila, a TV personality and how-to specialist. Even Yankee Magazine has picked up on the powerful potential of the household condiment.

For the adventurous jewelry-owners, I promise you’ll be amazed with what a little ketchup can do for your metallic adornments. You may even need a bottle just for your accessories!

By Jack Meyers

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