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Is The Cocktail Club Ready to Meet the Press?

For the past few weeks we have been gearing up for the release of my new book- The Cocktail Club. When you have an idea and get to live through all the layers of its creation it’s overwhelmingly emotional to actually see it in print. There’s pride, gratitude, excitement, nerves and for those of us who choose to put ourselves completely on the page or the stage for the rest of the world to judge it’s equally as terrifying as it is satisfying. However, with this book I can honestly say there isn’t a quivering bone in my body. In fact the excitement overrides all the rest. Without a doubt The Cocktail Club is ready for its debut.

I spent last night baking rosemary lemon bars and making bacon jam and pimento cheese to serve tomorrow. I am lucky enough to be hosting 40 insanely impressive members of the media and personally hand them copies of The Cocktail Club. The amazing Marisa Dobson at STC secured a killer venue- Nitehawk in Brooklyn, the guests have rsvp’d with overwhelming support, now all we have to do is show up and celebrate.

It’s an enormous team effort when birthing a book. I’m so grateful to the team at STC but more so to my family-the ones in it with me everyday- in particular my husband who has to watch the manic Maureen take over his typically calm wife on occasions like this, my parents who couldn’t be more supportive and positive, to my sister K for being my wardrobe consultant and my sister Coleen for driving up to Brooklyn with said delicious treats so my media launch can be a success.

In less than  48 hours from now my rosemary lemon  bars will be perfectly dusted with powdered sugar, the guests will be arriving and I’ll be smiling with a drink in hand to officially celebrate The Cocktail Club going live. Join in the fun and check it out.

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