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World Series Wine

The World Series doesn’t get any better than this for New Jersey. The throwdown between the Yanks and the Phils slated for tonight is sure to have this state buzzing from Mahwah to Cape May. The trash talk is alive and spreading like wildfire; the brazen folks sporting their red or blue have already begun polka dotting every single public place I frequent. Even if you don’t love baseball there’s no way you can’t be psyched up about this match… unless, like me, you have an affinity for both teams. In our house choosing which team to root for is like choosing between siblings. The fan fever is exhilarating for most sports enthusiasts but for me there’s a little anxiety over who to choose, not to mention the pressure from friends and family. I mean, seriously, some people are getting a little too Soprano about this!

As a child, my mother was the president of the Phillies, fan club so you can imagine the look I get if I even mention Yankees. As an adult I fell in love with New York and the Yankees comes with the territory (pay no attention to what those Mets fans say). So instead of stewing over which team to cheer for, I’ve decided to pop the cork on a couple of wines I think worthy of a spot at the World Series. In honor of the East Coast sweep I’ve decided to celebrate both teams with a little bubbly.

First, I picked up some Spanish Cava Frexeinet, the black bottle- it wooed me with its eerie presence (also a perfect pick for this weekend’s Halloween bash), then I added a Champagne I adore, Nicolas Feuillatte (a slight splurge seeing as how the world will be watching as the Northeast rocks the World Series), and of course some Schramsburg Brut Rose (I needed to feel a little feminine in the midst of all this testosterone). While baseball is not my forte I am sure my better half will insist we watch. Whether it’s Yanks or Phils who take it, I’m celebrating baseball with bubbles.

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