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Winter White

I’ve been dying to buy a winter white coat for years, and this year I finally found the perfect fit. Since the splurge I haven’t been able to get my wine mind off the topic of whites, since I don’t want to spill any red on my new coat. So, which white wine is best for winter?

It’s only January and already I’m seeking something other than a big red to sip, especially with some of the dishes we’ve been having for dinner. While red wines are warming in winter, we eat less of the red meat that pairs so nicely with it once the wind turns frigid. With more interest in keeping cozy, there are far fewer nights when we fire up the grill. Cold weather equals spicy food in my kitchen. Indian and Asian curries along with hot and sour soups just don’t jive with bold red wines. Pinot Grigio is way too blasé to take the heat. When combined with all of these spices, Viognier can cause all sorts of confusion. Sauvignon Blanc is just too summery with all of its acidity, and while I adore rose that just isn’t answering the question.

So, the search has brought me to curtsy once again before the Queen of Whites: Chardonnay. Choose one from France, Burgundy in particular. The body is just right with a delicate backbone of oak. The acidity still exists, unlike many new world versions, making this the perfect winter white.

Faiveley, Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay 2004, $22

It’s got all the right stuff to be your winter white. The clean fruit, the frisson of oak and tinge of vanilla, along with mouthwatering acidity make this the perfect pair for some spicy Chicken Chili Verde.

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