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Toast the End of Anger

We all know angry people. Maybe yours is a co- worker, maybe it’s the guy at the bank, or maybe an angry mommy in the neighborhood. Maybe it’s you. Unfortunately, there will always be things to make us angry. As my husband so wisely said yesterday, “There are many paths you can take in this world, and none of them are wrong, but it’s up to us to see what makes us happy instead of focusing on what makes us angry.”

Some people are just angry, always will be, and there is nothing we can do about it, BUT that doesn’t mean you should be their doormat. This is the week to rid your life of the angry people. Drink in freedom as you toast the end of the downers to your day; swirl as you bid farewell to that mean girl or guy. If you’re perusing this piece and you think, ‘maybe it’s me, maybe I’m the angry one,’ get a glass and leave the attitude behind, there must be something that makes you happy, even if it’s the simple fact that you have two good eyes to read this. No more forced smiles, here’s to the shiny happy people.

Happy Wine-
A fabulous glass of wine is just what you need to toast your new happier, less angry life!
Miner Viognier, 2007, Simpson Vineyard, $22
I always say Viognier is Chardonnay’s sassy sister, and this little white will make you smile. This is my happy wine, vibrant, luscious, with honeysuckles and loads of floral aromas. It’s juicy in the mouth and has an elegant finish.

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