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The Smell of Home? Not Yet.

As an admitted serial mover (a.k.a serial redecorator) my hunt for our “forever” house continues. With an endless stream of mini billboards boasting homes for sale you’d think I’d be giddy with open houses. Lately though, something wicked has been lurking in the walls, floorboards, and curtains of what could have been our dream homes. With toxic mold all the worry and radon tests bumping up closing costs, sellers somehow seem to overlook the indelible damage of their scent. Every house has one, and I’ve learned you have to be attracted to it, almost the same as you are to your mate.

I grew up with a cat, Ribbons, as our very first non- reptilian pet. The current furry member of my family is our dog, Petey. As we think about our next move, I am hyper-sensitive to the people who will be traipsing through my front door. I want them to think it smells like their “forever” home, not like a pet or last night’s dinner. I am so discouraged, disappointed, exhausted, and frankly emotionally drained from the house hunt. I can’t fall in love with another home only to find the strong scent of cat pee comes with it. I have to say, I am shocked by all the cats. Whatever happened to the family dog? Too much work I guess, just easier to let a cat pee in the house than go for a walk with man’s best friend. I’m not down on cats but the smell of their litter boxes is messing with my house hunt, not to mention my wine.

I love Sauvignon Blanc when the sun’s out, and unfortunately it is true that some of these sips smell like cat pee. I know it sounds like a leap but I swear I learned this at The Culinary Institute of America- and they know what they are talking about. I was shocked the first time we swirled a Sauvignon Blanc and the words cat pee were used to describe it, but for some it’s definitely there. I can’t take it anymore, just the association of Sauvignon Blanc and the thought of those beautiful old homes tainted by a seemingly harmless feline (in some cases several). So I’m off the stuff completely (at least this weekend), and it only took one sip of this Pinot Gris to convert me.

Ponzi Vineyards, Pinot Gris, Willamette Valley, 2008, $17 This is a truly decadent white under $20! The minerality is awesome and the long lingering finish will have you swooning for your next sip. Think of a fresh baked pear tartlet sprinkled with lemon zest as you swirl and sip. A perfect pick for warm nights or a picnic at the beach.

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