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The New Wild West

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class you’ll know at the beginning of class the instructor usually asks if there are any injuries. Yesterday, I was surprised to hear the guy next to me say, “I got laid off”. I had never really thought of unemployment as an injury. But, I guess it’s the ultimate blow to the ego. Endless numbers of people graduate from college, maybe even grad school, take a job and then ten or twenty years later find themselves holding a pink slip. The economy is depressing but the way I see it, the playing field has blown wide open.

Did you ever hear the saying, “It’s hard to look for a new job when you’re so busy with the one you’ve got”? Well now’s the time, people. Here’s your chance to reinvent yourself. That job that just gave you the boot is a pittance compared to the opportunities that await you. Remember Silicone Valley and the dot com start-ups? Well, this time it’s far more intense. The economic downturn is not just spanning coast to coast; now it’s global.

Which brings me to a quick tidbit on wine history in America—the pioneers of the industry blossomed out of the Great Depression and then had to live through an infestation of vine-eating bugs (a.k.a. Phyloxera). But today, California wines can take on any of the globe’s greatest, sip for sip. There’s a lesson to be learned here—while some of you are wallowing, others are like cowboys on an open prairie, blazing new trails. This is the new Wild West and it’s worldwide. Beauty is in the eye of the optimist. Take your skills, your bruised ego, and go do something that makes you happy. Somewhere in the 9 to 5 you may have lost sight of the American Dream—the one about being anything you want to be when you grow up.

Why am I yammering on about this? Well, many of you know New Jersey Life Magazine has reinvented itself and moved into the world of Health and Beauty. Which leaves me to say farewell to our beloved By the Glass. No worries, you can still read me on the internet. But for now we must make room for something new. Here’s to what’s new in your life!

A Wine Pioneer—While California wine is rich in a history of hardships, here’s just one to taste for inspiration. The legacy of Charles Krug is still carried on by Pete Mondavi. so pick up a bottle and you can sip and swirl while reinventing yourself.

Charles Krug, Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon, $21 Even unemployed, this intense red will make you feel like a rich man. It’s got great body, luscious fruit, and a finish far from subtle.

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