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Spirit-ual Advisory

With Halloween on the horizon I’m happy to say our lulling social calendar seems to be gaining momentum. Not one, but two neighbors are hosting soirees and an old college roomie even called to say she’s throwing her own costume bash. While I am still without the required “awesome costume” (clearly printed as mandate on one of the invites), I have been successfully fielding calls on which ghoulish delights go well with ghosts and goblins. Since my forte is wine and spirits, I stuck to what I know and the first rule of thumb is that no matter what holiday you’re pouring for, the drink must taste delicious. Gimmicky cocktails are abundant at adult-only Halloween parties, but being served syrupy sweet swill is not my idea of a winning affair.

So skip the mind erasers, smashing pumpkins, and gremlins and add Crystal Head Vodka to your bar instead. You may be surprised that famed actor and funny guy, Dan Aykroyd, is responsible for this super delish sip. His fascination with other-worldy beings inspired the creation of Crystal Head Vodka, and working with artist John Alexander, they decided the skull seemed the ideal spot for a pure spirit. True, its packaging is totally effective as a centerpiece this season, but what’s inside is sure to suit you all year long. That really round mouthfeel, a.k.a. smoothness, comes from its quadruple distillation and then a triple crystal filtration through Herkimer Diamonds. These quartz formations in Herkimer, NY are said to emit positive energy. I’m not technically a guru but as your spirit-ual advisor I suggest you break out this crystal for a Halloween toast to die for.
Crystal Head Vodka- $49.95/ 750ml It’s smooth with a touch of sweetness and is fabulous as a straight up chilled vodka martini. This Halloween, shake it up and encase the standard olive in a hollowed out radish for a ghoulish garnish that looks eerie but tastes divine.

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