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Sipping Feng Shui

Last week I participated in my first ever webinar. I hear so much now about on-line continued education that I just had to see what it was all about. Contrary to my prior beliefs regarding on-line education, this webinar kept me watching longer than most prime- time TV shows do. I got to interact with winemakers from the comfort of my desk chair by simply following the instructions for registration and set up. Before I knew it, my desk transformed into an identical layout of my previous wine courses at The Culinary Institute of America.

One hour and six wines later, I was fully aware of the history, philosophy, and winemaking of Montes winery. True, it was not nearly as fun or as memorable as an actual visit to those wineries, but out of it came a gem I can share with you. At the end of my day that’s what matters.

Lots of winemakers tout their effort to be more environmentally conscious, or their technological advances in winemaking, but Douglas Murray, one of the founders of Montes, got my ear when he said Feng Shui. Seeing as I spend half my time mentally decorating my dream home, I was shocked that this ancient practice as it related to wine had never struck me before. Yet, it made complete sense when he said, “Our goal was to optimize harmony and positive energy in our bodega by carefully using water, metal, earth, and wood.” He actually said the grapes deserved that much. He had me at positive energy! Whether you’re into Feng Shui, decorating (physically or mentally), or just need to give your life a shot of some positive energy, do it with this webinar wine find:

Kaiken Ultra Malbec, $25 –Often wine priced at twice this much isn’t half as interesting. This juice pouring from Argentina wears a violet velvet dress, whispers of tobacco, and has playful acidity, yet it’s a serious red, full of luscious red fruit. While you can drink this in ten to twelve years, I plan on drinking it now, and for that matter, all winter. This wine makes me happy. Here’s to you finding Feng Shui in your glass!

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