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Saving the World One Glass at a Time

This is not about one of the many popular wine related philanthropic events hosted throughout the year. It’s much more monumental than that. I have figured out a way we can all do our part to help save the human race, and, of course, it has to do with wine.

I’m not sure why it continues to shock me when seemingly normal people turn out to be totally psychotic. Between the lunatic mother who last week turned a darling day trip at Turtleback Zoo into her own “Mommy Dearest” moment or the guy who insisted on NOT making eye contact with me as we inched right next to each other for twenty minutes onto the Parkway- consciously choosing instead to run me off the road- I was bummed out at the declining state of humanity. While each encounter edged me closer to becoming a raving lunatic myself, instead I was stunned into silence, which in turn lead me to my “A- Ha!” moment.

Almost every day, each of us deal with seemingly erratic human beings and if in each scenario you feel your heart racing and your tongue about to unleash a lashing you choose instead to think of wine, then you can make a difference. While being chewed out by the crazy mom for tapping her child on the shoulder (he was standing on my foot by the way) I thought to myself, “They should sell wine at the zoo”. Then I thought, “Actually, I’ll enjoy a glass much more once I’m home.” This thought immediately put me into a Zen state. So next time you’re stuck on the Parkway (which I guarantee you will be in the near future) or someone cuts in front of you in line or maybe someone is just plain being mean at your expense, take a deep breath and think of which wine you will treat yourself with for taking the high road. That’s it. That is all you have to do to put a little more peace on this earth.

My World-Saving Wine- Well, that night at least-
Chateau D’Arvigny, Haut- Medoc, 2005- $16 This lovely red made me think of France instead of my aching feet. It’s perfect for transporting you to that happy place after a stressful day. Good structure, balanced tannins, and a peppery bite in the finish make for a serious sip with a bit of sass.

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