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Oscar Worthy Wine

After the Oscar buzz began, I started wondering: How does the Academy actually choose the winner? Movies, like wine, are so subjective. In my industry every wine ego has their own scoring system, whether it’s numbers, letters, thumbs up or down, how many emblematic little bottles a wine receives, how many glasses are granted, or even star ratings. It’s much more convoluted than just siding with Siskel or Ebert. When it comes to award-worthy wine, what makes up my mind is ultimately the effect of the total package. It has to look great, intrigue me with its perfume, dazzle my palate, and leave me wanting more. I guess the critics award movies the same way. The big difference is I can get through about forty bottles in the time it takes to watch one movie. A lot of wine is spit out before I find the winners. Luckily, I found the perfect pick.

Director’s Cut, Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, 2007, $23
Francis Ford Coppola delivers an Oscar-worthy wine wrapped up in a little movie history. The bottle is decked in a simple black and white swirled number replicating a Zoetrope (zoe: life, trope: movement) that was used to produce the illusion of a moving picture back in the day. It mentions “uncompromising standards necessary to make great films and great wine”. So true, Mr. Coppola! This Pinot is stunning in a shimmering full-length gown, simple yet sophisticated with just the right amount of bling. Perez Hilton, Tim Gunn, and Cojo would all be swooning over this sassy redhead on the red carpet. Oozing cherries, cedar, chocolate, and smokiness, the fun follows through in your mouth with a smooth and sexy body, great balanced acidity, and a totally tasty finish. At $23 a bottle, this is far from a big budget wine, but it’s definitely worth the splurge

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