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Moveable Feast

You’ve all heard me ‘wine’ about house hunting, so I thought you’d be glad to know it’s over. These past few weeks I’ve been diligently packing boxes, boxes, and more boxes of stuff destined for our next home. When we moved out of our one-bedroom in Manhattan I never thought we’d fill even the attic of this home, which happens to be the size of said apartment, but drunk on space, we have successfully accumulated more than we could possibly ever need. As an admitted serial redecorator, I am weak when it comes to estate sales, flea markets, and yes, I have been spotted taking other peoples’ trash and transforming it into my own treasure. Which is probably why we have so much stuff—not to mention the twins, who have joined us since the last move. Even with all their gear, and my junk habit, this time I have found myself in an unforeseen predicament.

Ordinarily, I pride myself on being two steps ahead, clearing out the clutter in my life and maintaining an annoying level of organization. But I’ve been had. The above-mentioned boxes do hold many necessities most other families of four possess, but it’s our kitchen that’s creating all of the chaos. Whoever thinks about all of the food? Here we are in the final countdown and I am challenged by the odds and ends that have accumulated in my pantry. We are laden down with tons of ingredients I just don’t feel like cooking. The food pantry down the street isn’t interested, as most items are already open—a bag of flour, brown sugar, rice, grits… and the list goes on. I’ve jumped into manwiches, banana breads, and chili already, but now it’s time to pack the pots and pans. So the rest, I’ve decided, will go to friends and neighbors who I know love to cook, and I’m celebrating this decision with an old favorite sip- Chateauneuf- du- Pape. A tongue twister maybe, but this sultry French red is just what I needed to toast a farewell to the adorable galley kitchen I’ve loved and with a heavy heart I raise my glass to images of the next owner stirring his or her own pots and swirling their own glasses and adding to the love and laughter that has been cooking in this home for almost a hundred years. Adieu 813.

Perrin & Fils Chateauneuf- du- Pape, Les Sinards, $40- Smooth and graceful like a ballroom dancer, this red is silky and finishes with finesse. Enjoy with a celebratory dinner or on the kitchen floor knee-high in boxes and glassware. Either way, this wine is smashingly delicious.

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