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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Whether we like it or not, our moms really do know us best. The least we could do is show that we’ve gotten to know her as well.  Why not show her that you have been paying attention all these years with a gift that she is sure to make her fall head over heels?

Digital measuring cups: If your mom loves to bake but has a hard time measuring out ingredients, this might be what the doctor ordered. With this set, the quantity of any liquid is displayed accurately in large digital text.

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker: If your mom has joined the ranks of dedicated tea addicts, or if she’s always been one, she will adore this. With its temperature control and set steeping time, she’ll always make the perfect cup.

Chilled Out Door Entertainment Set: Summer is right around the corner and if your mom loves to entertain this is perfect for serving guests outdoors.

Gardener Folding Chair with Tools: Does your mom have a green thumb? If you often find her in the garden then this gift is perfect. This supply kit of fashionable garden tools with its built- in folding chair, your mom, and her garden, will be the envy of the neighborhood.

DIY Butter Set:  Is your mom a DIY-er? This butter making set includes everything she’ll need to make the best butter she’s ever had. Nothing beats homemade and that goes for butter too!

Contributed by Michael Nunes.

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