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Michael Perisco, Eating Through the Looking Glass

Michael Perisco is a Philadelphia based photographer. We were lucky enough to meet him on a photo shoot for Philly Style Magazine, where he was shooting yours truly. He cooks, surfs, rides bikes (pedal and motor), and makes food look fabulous- even half eaten fried chicken. Meet this crazy talented picture maker……

MPL: How did you get started in photography?

MP: Originally the plan was to be an illustrator, I went on a kick where I would go out with an older canon film camera and shoot away all over the city.  I’d scan the film into photoshop, print on acetate and use the images in my illustration pieces, usually with a fair bit of over-painting.  There was the turning point.  I was much more excited about the photos, the finished illustration quickly took a back seat.  I think got addicted to exploring really, sticking with illustration would have meant a lot of limited environment studio time.   I saw photography as a way to get out and absorb as much as possible from the world around me.

MPL: What’s more fun for you to shoot – food or people?

MP: I go back and forth pretty often with this.  I don’t think I’ll ever choose one or the other, I’ll always need both to stay happy.

MPL: What makes somebody an exciting person to photograph?

MP: People are extremely interesting when they believe they are worth photographing.

MPL: Any tips for a budding photog?

MP: Somebody told me when I began that I should never stop exploring.  But I wish someone told me that it’s ok to be really passionate about more than one thing…or at least told me sooner.  I figured it out eventually.  When shooting at any point in time, try not to limit yourself by making rules that start with the words “I don’t shoot…..”  You never know when you’ll get inspired. I would have never began shooting food if I didn’t allow the opportunity in after being assigned a job that included “a few food shots to round out the story”.  I’m glad I had the where with all to accept.

MPL:  The best part about being a photographer?

MP: The best part is finding yourself being busy doing something you love.  Even when things are slow, the road to getting busy again is incredibly rewarding.  Rethinking what to show on the website or blog, deciding how to shoot in the future to change things up, it’s all a really great place to be.

MPL: What’s your favorite thing to make?

MP: Mark Bittman’s Sardine Pasta.  No question.

Find more about the man behind the camera here: www.persicophoto.com

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