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I Heart Wine, How to Pick the Perfect Wine for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing I heart more than a thoughtfully chosen pour. You may think a wine writer would want anything but more wine, yet here it’s really the thought that counts. I’d happily skip the scentless roses in lieu of intoxicating perfumes from a special bottle of wine. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive sip you see in the store or the one with a love-laced label. It could be something that conjures up a wonderful memory, or maybe from a vintage that meant something to your and your honey. Think about why you love the one you’re with and then celebrate that with wine.

It doesn’t have to be a brainteaser. As far as vintage goes, here are a few ideas to inspire you: the year you first met, the year your baby was born, that year you spent finding yourself and your loved one still stuck by your side. If it’s a memory you would like to relive it could be as easy as a bottle that reminds you of a favorite vacation, or maybe just something that you shared on a great date.

If you’re a planner and want to really wow your Valentine, set up a flight of wine and walk down memory lane. Flights are simply smaller pours of several different wines, usually progressing from light to heavy or dry to sweet. You could pair each with a small morsel that matches the wine and end with a new sip to add to the memory making. For me a V-day isn’t complete without a little Brachetto D’Aqui from Banfi. I’ve spoken of these raspberry-infused bubbles before, yet I never tire of their alluring aromas spilling from the sexy silhouette of a champagne flute on Valentine’s Day.

Banfi Rosa Regale, Brachetto d’ Aqui, $21- If this were a dress I would definitely wear it on date night. It’s sexy, fun, and finishes with a sweet kiss. It’s ideal alone after dinner and is smashing when presented alongside a box of chocolates (artisanal of course-after all it is Valentine’s Day!)

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