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How- To Give Your Everyday an Earth- Friendly Makeover- Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! While it’s fun to talk about going green on this special day, every day you can make a difference that will help make our world a better, stronger place. Here are some simple “life hacks” for going green this Earth Day – for moms and beyond. From shopping to crafts and cleaning, here’re a few ideas to give your everyday an earth-friendly makeover, without spending tons of green!

Cleaning Gets Green:

·         Micro Makeover! – No need to scrub that microwave wit harsh chemicals. Go fume- free by placing a bowl of lemon juice and water, or a wet sponge, in the microwave for 2 minutes. Both create a steam clean that lets you simply wipe out the inside of the messiest microwave. 

·         Clear the Clutter! – You’ve gone paperless for bill paying and school notifications, but now you can cut down on the amount of paper coming into the house and skip the circulars by using one simple app on your phone. Imagine having an empty re-cycling bin each week.  In one month you can cut down your paper re-cycling by half simply by downloading Flipp. This is a mom’s best fried for finding all the fabulous deals at your favorite stores without endless piles of paper. Your shopping list and coupons are all in one place, keeping your home clutter-free and you’re saving tons of trees!

·         Buy, Buy Baggies! – Plastic is anything but earth-friendly, so for parents and caregivers who want to pack lunches, a simple way to clear your kitchen drawers of boxes of baggies and make lunch time a little greener check out these super cute and “kid- approved cool” reusable lunch boxes and waste-free containers for packing lunches. 

Kid Crafts Go Green: 

·         Queen for a Day! – Clean out that junk drawer and be king/queen for a day, recycling brown paper bags to make crowns complete with decorations from odds and ends from your junk drawer, and around the house. 

·         Be a Rockstar! – Simply transform a used paper towel rolls into a microphone by balling up some tin foil and putting it in one end. In seconds you’ll have all the makings for an afternoon of karaoke fun!

·         Up-cycled Sock Puppets! – Clean out the closets and use any solo socks and ripped or worn out clothes and give them a new life as a sock puppet. Tips here – Donating gently used clothes is a great way to keep items from the trash heap. But be sure to sift through and remove any items that are not in good shape. This is a great way to use them one more time before they hit the trash.

Green Thumbs: 

·         Tiny Green Houses! – You’ve seen seedlings in egg crates before, but how about transforming and re-using a rotisserie chicken container for little planters and terrariums? Perfect for little hands too!

·         Kids Can Compost, Too! – We throw away so many scraps of food that can easily be re-used for mom’s garden or a simple window box. Convert an old toy box into a compost  and let this chore be for the kids. This task is a cinch and helps teach kids the importance of not wasting when we can.

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