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Green in Your Glass

No, I’m not talking about money. This week it’s simply the color of springtime that has me thinking about what to pour in my glass. Though it may be a bit premature to break out the flip-flops and tank tops, it’s definitely not too soon to start pouring warm-weather white wines.

I’ve said it before: I change my wine with my wardrobe and without even noticing it this time of year I start passing over big reds and reaching for bottles of crisp whites to sip. The greenest of all white wines is most definitely Sauvignon Blanc. At first sight you’ll notice these wines are tinged with green hues. One sniff invokes an aura of springtime, with grassy and herbaceous notes along with a squeeze of fresh bright lemons and limes.

While things are going green in the garden, it’s not quite warm enough to indulge in these acidic sips just yet. With sunshine and mild weather flirting their way into our lives, it is indeed time for something white to toast with, but it needs body and soul to soothe us out of our wintry blahs. So this week pick up a bottle of white Burgundy. Bourgogne will be on the label and Chardonnay will be in the bottle. By law whites from Burgundy are made from 100% Chardonnay, but tend to be leaner than the oakier styles of California. They have that sultry body that gingerly coats the palate, but are layered with more minerality and terroir, making for an intriguing finish. So if you’re craving something cold to sip but aren’t quite ready for the kick of Sauvignon Blanc, go for a bottle ofGeorges Faiveley, Bourgogne, 2005, $19 for the perfect pick to ring in spring.

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