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How To Take a Compliment

Accepting compliments sounds simple enough, but for many of us, it doesn’t come easily. Here’s why—and how—you should take the flattery.

April 27 2015 from Real Woman Online

Why is it when it comes to compliments most of us can dish them out but can’t take them graciously? Accepting compliments is skill, and when done well oozes confidence—something every woman who receives one deserves.

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Judging the 2015 James Beard Awards

This year, I had the honor of judging the 2015 James Beard Book and Broadcast Awards and the pleasure of meeting famed lifestyle expert, (and amateur comedian) Martha Stewart.

Just having viewed her genius on Justin Bieber’s roast I was so excited to compliment her comedic prowess in person. This was just one highlight of the evening.

For those of us in the the culinary world, this is like our Oscar’s- complete with red carpet and after parties galore. It was inspiring to be in a room full of such amazing talent and wisdom and be able to call so many of them my friends. The very first award announced went to thekitchn.com for their cookbook. I was screaming like a lunatic because as you may or may not know the site is near and dear to my heart, housing my column The 10- Minute Happy Hour. My colleagues Faith Durand, Sara Kate Gillingham and Leela Cyd, and an entourage of other talent including Emma Christensen, knocked out a killer book that truly deserved the award. Since the team is scattered across the country, I apparently felt it was my job to cheer on behalf of all of us. I was also overjoyed knowing a few of my drink recipes were included in those pages.

Once I caught my breath from that high, it was as you can imagine a night full of delicious sips and spoonfuls, all while toasting my role models including Martha, Dan Barber and Gale Gand- just to name a few.

For a complete list of this year’s winners click here.

Clink for a Cause This Weekend at “A Day at the Races”

Join the Junior League of Princeton & Maureen this Saturday, May 2, for “A Day at the Races” for a live screening of the Kentucky Derby complete with southern inspired food and drinks. All proceeds for the event go to the JLP’s efforts to support the Mercer area community through food and clothing drives, children’s education, and job training for women.

Click here to buy tickets to the event. In the spirit of the derby, the hosts will be serving Maureen’s Peach Mint Julep for you to sip while cheering on your horse.

For your Kentucky Derby party, here’s Maureen’s twist on the classic Mint Julep.

How- To Give Your Everyday an Earth- Friendly Makeover- Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! While it’s fun to talk about going green on this special day, every day you can make a difference that will help make our world a better, stronger place. Here are some simple “life hacks” for going green this Earth Day – for moms and beyond. From shopping to crafts and cleaning, here’re a few ideas to give your everyday an earth-friendly makeover, without spending tons of green!

Cleaning Gets Green:

·         Micro Makeover! – No need to scrub that microwave wit harsh chemicals. Go fume- free by placing a bowl of lemon juice and water, or a wet sponge, in the microwave for 2 minutes. Both create a steam clean that lets you simply wipe out the inside of the messiest microwave. 

·         Clear the Clutter! – You’ve gone paperless for bill paying and school notifications, but now you can cut down on the amount of paper coming into the house and skip the circulars by using one simple app on your phone. Imagine having an empty re-cycling bin each week.  In one month you can cut down your paper re-cycling by half simply by downloading Flipp. This is a mom’s best fried for finding all the fabulous deals at your favorite stores without endless piles of paper. Your shopping list and coupons are all in one place, keeping your home clutter-free and you’re saving tons of trees!

·         Buy, Buy Baggies! – Plastic is anything but earth-friendly, so for parents and caregivers who want to pack lunches, a simple way to clear your kitchen drawers of boxes of baggies and make lunch time a little greener check out these super cute and “kid- approved cool” reusable lunch boxes and waste-free containers for packing lunches. 

Kid Crafts Go Green: 

·         Queen for a Day! – Clean out that junk drawer and be king/queen for a day, recycling brown paper bags to make crowns complete with decorations from odds and ends from your junk drawer, and around the house. 

·         Be a Rockstar! – Simply transform a used paper towel rolls into a microphone by balling up some tin foil and putting it in one end. In seconds you’ll have all the makings for an afternoon of karaoke fun!

·         Up-cycled Sock Puppets! – Clean out the closets and use any solo socks and ripped or worn out clothes and give them a new life as a sock puppet. Tips here – Donating gently used clothes is a great way to keep items from the trash heap. But be sure to sift through and remove any items that are not in good shape. This is a great way to use them one more time before they hit the trash.

Green Thumbs: 

·         Tiny Green Houses! – You’ve seen seedlings in egg crates before, but how about transforming and re-using a rotisserie chicken container for little planters and terrariums? Perfect for little hands too!

·         Kids Can Compost, Too! – We throw away so many scraps of food that can easily be re-used for mom’s garden or a simple window box. Convert an old toy box into a compost  and let this chore be for the kids. This task is a cinch and helps teach kids the importance of not wasting when we can.

Behind the Scenes of the REAL WOMAN Cover Shoot

In the past few months I have loved writing for Real Woman magazine, and getting to be their spring cover girl has been a career high. When you’re surrounded by a supportive, inspiring and talented team it makes you want to work harder and be better at everything you do. That’s how I feel about Real Woman. I really do believe you should do something you love every single day of your life, and I’m glad to have this new outlet that I love. Here’s a sneak peak behind my cover girl shoot. Thanks to the amazing team for making me look so good. Clink!


Click here to see the video.

3 Ways to Trick Out Your Ice Cream

It should come as no shock that a college student is obsessed with ice cream. Somehow even when I don’t have enough money to get the multi-grain loaf this week, ice cream makes it into my cart. And it’s a four-season affair when it comes to scarfing scoops of the stuff.

So, in order to stay ahead of my cravings, I figured out 3 ways to trick out ice cream–because who wants a bowl of boring? That’s right, we don’t either.

Recipe #1: You’re Nuts!

You got it! It’s the spirited rendition of a bowl of “Rocky Road.”


1 tsp. Rum de Cacao
Walnuts (handful)

Pour rum slowly over scoops until it begins to pool. Sprinkle with your choice of nuts.

Recipe #2: Sweet + Salty

This one is my personal favorite. It’s an excuse to get some more sodium in my diet when I’m eating unseasoned lentils three meals a day for a week straight. Also, it’s a great on-the-go “final exam season” breakfast meal.


1 tsp. olive oil
Salt (pinch)

Add a teaspoon of olive oil and a pinch of salt to your choice of chilled creamy heaven.

Recipe #3: Ice Cream Showers bring Boozey Flowers

Aromatic ice cream is a great way to shake up a long week. I’ve got a sensitive nose, so anything with a naturally pleasing scent for elevates my eating experience. I’m sure you’ll feel the same once you’ve tried out this “Boozey Flowers” special.


1 tsp. hibiscus liqueur

Drizzle scoops with hibiscus liqueur and end (or start) your day with breath-taking botanicals.


Story by Jack Meyers

How To Be Your Own Publicist

Self-promotion can be uncomfortable and frustrating. But it’s necessary if you want to succeed. Here’s a proven approach that will help you achieve big things.

Whether you’re ready to quit your job and actually sink your teeth into starting your own business, you have a side passion you’re ready to monetize, or you finally want to go for that dream job, the first step is the hardest—both mentally and often financially. You read Lean In and made the emotional commitment, and now it’s time to market yourself. This part, the self-promotion, can be frightening, paralyzing even, but with a few simple steps, even the most timid knitter or the shyest songbird can soon add “publicist” to their list of talents.

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Save Yourself And The Neighborhood. Borrow A Cup Of Sugar, STAT!

It’s considered quaint to be friends with your neighbors, but here’s why being neighborly can make a difference in your life.

If Busy Is A Sickness, Are You Choosing To Be Ill?

Most of us have a dozen balls in the air at any given moment. But have we become too “busy” to participate fully in our lives?

I recently ran across a piece in the Huffington Post called Busy is a Sickness which I instantly clicked on. I’d just been pitching my editor a piece I was calling “You’re Never Too Busy for a Phone Call,” so it piqued my interest. The author of the Huff Po piece described busy as a modern-day epidemic, which most of us would agree is pretty accurate. However, I would categorize it more as a crutch than a sickness. We haven’t been stricken with busyness, like you would the flu. Too often, the words “I’m so busy” are used as an excuse, and you may not even realize the ripple effect this phrase is having in your life.

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