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How to Care for Your Cheese

Storing cheese is a practice that’s taken centuries to perfect. But you may still have some questions about handling your cheese. We’re here to help.

How should I store fresh cheese?

Cheese wasn’t created equal. When you have a fresh cheese, like ricotta, you should eat it asap. If you need to store it for awhile, keep it in a cold place like your refrigerator. Just make sure it doesn’t freeze or you’ll end up with ugly results.

Why is there oil coming out of my cheese?

No need to fear, this is a natural process called weeping. It occurs when moisture leaks out. Just wipe it with a cloth, that should make it feel better.

How should I wrap my cheese to store it?

Like most things, cheese needs to breathe. DON’T use plastic wrap unless you prefer your cheese flavorless. Wrap it in wax paper and you’re cheese will thank you.

Where is the best place to keep my cheese?

Think about it this way- if cheese could go on vacation, it would opt to spend time in Wisconsin than sunbathe in Florida. Look for a humid place in the fridge that is between 30-40 degrees.

There are dark edges around my cheese, should I be worried?

That’s a combination of air exposure and weeping. Don’t worry, it’s edible, but if it grosses you out just cut it off.

Cold? Warm? How should I serve my cheese?

Before serving up your dairy delight, let it sit for at least 20 minutes at room temperature. Room temp cheese allows for all of the yummy flavors to present themselves. If cheese is too cold it masks the flavors and aromas and if it’s too warm,,, well then it melts.

How about a delicious cheese and pepper jelly quesadilla?

Cheese knowledge shared by Michael Nunes.

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