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American Idol Inspired Wine

I used to be one of those people who didn’t stop reading a book until I finished; no matter how excruciatingly long it took. I would politely drink a glass of wine, even if it wasn’t really my cup of tea, and I would sit through every song of American Idol to make sure I was giving them each a fair assessment. With a huge sigh of relief I can happily say that is all over. I’ve realized life is just too short to read boring books, drink blasé wine, and expose my delicate ears to what Simon Cowell would laughingly call rubbish. So now I give a book to page 100 to draw me in, a bottle of wine gets half a glass -tops -before I select another, and sorry American Idol, but you get less than a minute ‘til I flip.

The point is, you shouldn’t endure anything other than sheer enjoyment, pleasure, and entertainment, for who knows what tomorrow may bring? I know one thing for sure: I don’t want my last glass of wine to be something I would have rather spit out. So here’s one definitely worth finishing:

Calera, 2006 Mills, Pinot Noir $48 I haven’t tasted a Pinot from Calera Vineyards that I didn’t love. The first one I tasted made me fall hard for Pinot and all these wines later I still remember that sip. These Pinots are cultivated in limestone soil, giving them that clean minerality that can cause an immediate Pinot addiction. This red is all glamor. Ruby red, silky smooth, rich in red fruit and with a sensual soft finish, this is one you won’t be worried about storing.

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