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A Crib Sheet for Santa

Everyone has a wine lover on their gift list, or maybe you’re just looking to convert your beer-loving buddies to the wine side. Here’s a cheat sheet sure to help you check off lots of those presently present–less people still lingering on your list.

A Romantic Gift for Her—Definitely Viognier here! Ask for something floral from California (like Miner) or something with class from Condrieu France. Either way you’ll win her over with this white.

A Romantic Gift for Him—Aria Sparkling Pinot Noir. With its racy red label this bottle reeks of sex appeal from its dress to its dazzling raspberry-colored bubbles. It’s not sweet but it’s most definitely flirty and delicious.

For Your Boss—You might be thinking Scotch here, but as far as booze goes it’s fun to add something new to the bar, plus it shows you put a little thought into it. If they have a fun side you can’t go wrong with Crystal Head Vodka (previously mentioned in October). It’s the smoothest around, plus it will remind them of you each time they open the freezer and see it staring back at them. Or go for a bottle of vintage Champagne. This may cost you a bit more, but it shows you’re a serious employee.

For the Host/ Hostess–Don’t go overboard here. Remember, this is a token of thanks not something that’ll make them feel like they need to return the favor. Stay in the $10 to $15 range. Hit up Argentina or South Africa for a big, bold red. These wines make great gifts and great conversation starters.

Teacher’s Gifts—I gave wine last year and they couldn’t have been more thankful. Even if they are teetotalers, this will arm them with something to offer to those unexpected guests who pop in over the holidays. Ask your wine shop owner for a Sancerre or a Chenin Blanc. If you aren’t going to give the gift yourself and plan on sending it in with your kids, go for a wine book instead. A copy of The Wine Club or Great Wine Made Simple are great go to’s.

For Your Favorite Blogger—Just kidding. Happy Holidays and Cheers!

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