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3 Ways to Trick Out Your Ice Cream

It should come as no shock that a college student is obsessed with ice cream. Somehow even when I don’t have enough money to get the multi-grain loaf this week, ice cream makes it into my cart. And it’s a four-season affair when it comes to scarfing scoops of the stuff.

So, in order to stay ahead of my cravings, I figured out 3 ways to trick out ice cream–because who wants a bowl of boring? That’s right, we don’t either.

Recipe #1: You’re Nuts!

You got it! It’s the spirited rendition of a bowl of “Rocky Road.”


1 tsp. Rum de Cacao
Walnuts (handful)

Pour rum slowly over scoops until it begins to pool. Sprinkle with your choice of nuts.

Recipe #2: Sweet + Salty

This one is my personal favorite. It’s an excuse to get some more sodium in my diet when I’m eating unseasoned lentils three meals a day for a week straight. Also, it’s a great on-the-go “final exam season” breakfast meal.


1 tsp. olive oil
Salt (pinch)

Add a teaspoon of olive oil and a pinch of salt to your choice of chilled creamy heaven.

Recipe #3: Ice Cream Showers bring Boozey Flowers

Aromatic ice cream is a great way to shake up a long week. I’ve got a sensitive nose, so anything with a naturally pleasing scent for elevates my eating experience. I’m sure you’ll feel the same once you’ve tried out this “Boozey Flowers” special.


1 tsp. hibiscus liqueur

Drizzle scoops with hibiscus liqueur and end (or start) your day with breath-taking botanicals.


Story by Jack Meyers

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